CAPTURED - Winning Awards All Around the World

Congratulations to Ross Clarkson, cast and crew on an excellent film!






  • Artist of the Year - Sara Malakul-Lane  - International Film Festival Ahmednagar
  • Best Actress - Sara Malakul-Lane  - International Film Festival Ahmednagar
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Scoring the Film "CAPTURED"

We have now completed the score for the film CAPTURED. By Hong Kong based film maker Ross Clarkson.




Quolls - Fast and Furious (Documentary)

60 Minutes, "Charles Wooley" Narrator for Quolls-Fast and Furious 
Charles Wooley

The natural storyteller that Australians have grown to admire, the unmistakable deep everyday voice of Charles Wooley from 60 Minutes, is now the Narrator for Quolls-Fast and Furious the…

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LIFE AFTER LIFE - the musical!!

As you may know, our stage musical Life After Life is now in the top ten and a recipient of the New Musicals Australia Snapshot Presentation. Our slot is the 15th of August. 

Today we travelled to the New…

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We have just finished the music for a trailer to the new movie from the UK called "Deadly Intent" Once the producers have color grading done we will post it on our site. Gonna be a great movie check it…

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Deadly Intent

We have just signed up to score a new feature film from UK film makers "Inspired Toad Productions". Deadly Intent is a paranormal thriller.  Looking forward to sinking our teeth into it.  

Deadly Intent


We have just signed agreements with New York based film company Bloodmask LLC to score their new feature film "Dead Raid". We are looking forward to once again working with Director Andrew Belware and Producer Laura Schlachtmeyer (the people responsible…

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Began recording vocals at Big Fish Recording Studio last night for the next few weeks, we'll be mixing and adding finishing touches to our second album LIFE AFTER LIFE. Very Cool

V-Blog Episode 1 - Scoring the film "DRAGON REIGN"


Take a "behind the scenes" look at the new feature film DRAGON REIGN from New York based film company Bloodmask. Director Andrew Belware, Producer Laura Schlachtmeyer, and Co-Composers which of…Read more