CAPTURED - Winning Awards All Around the World 

Congratulations to Ross Clarkson, cast and crew on an excellent film!

Artist of the YearRome Prisma





  • Artist of the Year - Sara Malakul-Lane  - International Film Festival Ahmednagar
  • Best Actress - Sara Malakul-Lane  - International Film Festival Ahmednagar
  • Best Actor - Oliver Williams -  International Film Festival Ahmednagar
  • Spotlight Award - Elevation Indie Film Awards
  • Nominated - London Lift-Off Film Festival
  • Official Selection - Prisma - Rome International Film Awards

Quolls - Fast and Furious (Documentary) 

60 Minutes, "Charles Wooley" Narrator for Quolls-Fast and Furious 
Charles Wooley

The natural storyteller that Australians have grown to admire, the unmistakable deep everyday voice of Charles Wooley from 60 Minutes, is now the Narrator for Quolls-Fast and Furious the first factual documentary on Australian Quolls soon to be released for television broadcast worldwide. Wooley, an advocate for Australian nature says, "his participation is another journalistic gratification to aid the plight of Australian speechless wildlife". Both the Australian Quoll Conservancy and WildCAM Australia, are delighted that Wooley responded to the voluntary call of "a six degree of separation" for a narrator launched earlier by WildCAM Australia. (image) Courtesy Richard Jupe

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Congratulations to Producer / Director Alberto Vale of Wildcam Australia and all involved in this amazing body of work.

Wayne gets into the spirit of things symbolically holding a toy quoll in the palm of his hand in a snapshot taken by Rob as they prepared to score the music for "Quolls - Fast and Furious"

    Soon aired on the 9 network.

LIFE AFTER LIFE - the musical!! 

As you may know, our stage musical Life After Life is now in the top ten and a recipient of the New Musicals Australia Snapshot Presentation. Our slot is the 15th of August. 

Today we travelled to the New Theatre in Newtown to attend the first of a series of read-throughs and song rehearsals. 

We are so very grateful to Director Shaun Rennie who has brought together a stellar team of professionals. Shaun immediately immersed himself in the project and truly understands the subtle blend of drama and tongue in cheek that we set out to achieve. 

Through Shaun, the dazzlingly talented Mark Chamberlain has come on board as Musical Director. Today we watched in awe as Mark worked through the songs with the cast with microscopic attention to detail. Each note and phrase considered carefully. We realised very quickly that with these two gentlemen, we are indeed in good hands. 

We are also completely impressed by the four outstanding actors/singers (in no particular order) Laura Bunting, Toby Francis, Linden Furnell and Kirby Burgess. We were humbled by the professionalism, incredible talent and sense of excitement and energy each one brings. 

We are eternally grateful to each member of this team. What an amazing group of people. Thank you all so very much


We have just finished the music for a trailer to the new movie from the UK called "Deadly Intent" Once the producers have color grading done we will post it on our site. Gonna be a great movie check it out!

Deadly Intent  

We have just signed up to score a new feature film from UK film makers "Inspired Toad Productions". Deadly Intent is a paranormal thriller.  Looking forward to sinking our teeth into it.

Deadly Intent


We have just signed agreements with New York based film company Bloodmask LLC to score their new feature film "Dead Raid". We are looking forward to once again working with Director Andrew Belware and Producer Laura Schlachtmeyer (the people responsible for Dragon Reign). We had a ball on their last project and look forward to a very different film, new challenges and even better solutions. PS the script is great, cant wait to see it on screen.



Began recording vocals at Big Fish Recording Studio last night for the next few weeks, we'll be mixing and adding finishing touches to our second album LIFE AFTER LIFE. Very Cool


Well we've begun work in earnest on Dragon Reign, by New York based company Bloodmask.   Dragons, Magic, Villians, Action, Adventure.... we really have room to sink the teeth in and have some fun.  So far we've only scored Acts 2, 3 and 5, and are currently working through Act 1. We'll keep you posted.


Hurry Hurry embark on album number 2. Recruiting the drumming talents of long time friend Morri Di Grazia and the combined vocal talent of Lo Roberts, Mick Fernandez and Kate Oakley.


Debut album LIFE released in 55 countries by French independent label Musea Records 9th Sept 2010